Youth Job Link

The Youth Job Link (YJL) program is a year-round program for youth ages 15-29 who are looking for a job. We can provide access to job search resources, job postings, workshops, training and information to transition into the workforce. This program is free to youth and employers.

In addition to these services, we can offer job matching services and incentives to eligible youth and employers.

Youth Eligibility for Job Matching

To be eligible for incentives and supports, youth must:

  • Be 15-29
  • Eligible to work in Ontario
  • Be an Ontario resident
  • Have no previous work experience.

Employer Eligibility for Incentives

The following criteria will be used to prioritize which employers may receive incentives:

  • Small employers (ten or fewer employees)
  • Not-for-profit employers

Financial Incentives

  • Up to $300 is available per participant (up to $600 is available for youth with disabilities)
  • Supports can be used to offset work-related costs such as transportation, work clothing and equipment.
  • Employer incentives are intended to encourage employers to hire youth identified by the service provider