Labour Market Research Guide

Need to conduct labour market research but not sure where to start? This guide identifies the basics of labour market research and offers several resources to get you started.

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What is Labour Market Research?

The Labour Market can be broadly defined as the market in which workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers.

In the labour market, labour services are exchanged and those negotiations occurring between buyers and sellers partly determine the placement of workers in jobs with specified wages.Labour Market Information (LMI) can be broadly defined as the information needed by individuals and organizations to make informed decisions about the labour market.

Labour market information address questions concerning the following:

  • Unemployment rates 
  • Economic trends 
  • Demographics 
  • Wage rates

Information on the Canadian and Ontario labour markets help individuals and businesses make informed decisions about education and training, careers, business plans and employment. Insights into labour market trends and conditions in Ontario and Canada can be found through labour market research.

Labour Market Research Resources

Websites are a great resource to use when performing labour market research.

  1. Government of Canada website:

    This website provides you with information on:

    • Job descriptions and skill requirements
    • Wages and salaries
    • Local labour markets
  2. Government of Ontario website:

    This website provides students, immigrants, job seekers and employers with information on:

    • Using labour market information
    • Ontario’s monthly, regional and annual labour market reports
    • Ontario’s population and demographic information

Labour Market Information Websites

  1. Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada:
    • Academic programs by university
    • Links to colleges and universities
  2. Campus Connection:
    • Links to colleges and universities
  3. Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials:
    • Foreign credential information
    • Studying & working in Canada
  4. Government of Ontario:
  5. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada:
    • National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes
    • Job descriptions
  6. Job Futures:
    • Wages and salaries
    • Educational requirements
  7. Ontario Colleges:
    • Links to Ontario colleges
  8. World Education Services (WES):
    • International education credential assessments