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  • Aug19

    Using the Computer to get a Job (Workshop Series)

    5 part series every Wednesday night from August 19-September 16 from 4-6 introducing Job Seekers to technology. Included are: Finding internet job sites. Writing a resume and cover letter. Labour ...

  • Sep1

    The Road to Employment Through Skills Upgrading

    Are you just one step behind on the path to employment? Missing that one little credit and not sure how to approach it, or who can help? WE CAN! St. Lawrence College Employment Service is proud to ...

  • Sep3

    Smart Serve

    Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program - this workshop is for anyone who will be working in areas where alcohol is sold and served under the Liquor Sales License or Special Occasion ...

  • Sep9

    Interview with Confidence

    Make your next interview your last! We will discuss tips for turning interviews into offers. You will learn: common mistakes people make and how to avoid them; how to best present your skill set and ...

  • Sep9

    Resume and Cover Letter

    –Learning Objectives & Parking Lot –Ice Breaker –What is a Résumé & Cover Letter? –Parts of the Résumé & Cover Letter: The Essentials –Resume and Cover Letter Formats –Do’s and ...

  • Sep15

    Public Service Commission

    The objective of this workshop is to assist job seekers in creating an account with the Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS). By creating an account, you will be able to: ◦Access and modify ...

  • Sep15

    The Road to Successful Networking

    Are you looking to explore a mix of traditional and modern networking strategies? This workshop will facilitate the use of face-to-face self marketing and social media for job search purposes. Join ...

  • Sep16

    NEW WORKSHOP Budget Wise: Tips for Saving and Spending

    Are you looking for assistance to create a personal or family budget? Have you had a recent income level change and are looking for resources and information on how to adjust? This workshop is for ...

  • Sep16

    Mature and Experienced Workers-Use Age, Skills, and Life to Attract Employers

    Use Age, Skills & Life Experience to Attract Employers This workshop is suitable for mature experienced workers who have basic job search techniques, who are returning to the labour market and have ...

  • Sep17

    The Road to Employment Through Successful Social Networking

    Employment Service-SLC is pleased to present The Road To Succesful Social Networking workshop What you will gain from this workshop: • A better understanding of social media • Improve your ...

  • Sep22

    Placement Agencies:How They Add Value to Your Job Search

    Employment Service – SLC is proud to present this new and exciting workshop! This workshop will enable you to learn how placement agencies can be an advantage to you during your job search. ...

  • Sep23

    Smart Serve

    Are you interested in the service industry? Ontario law states that you must have passed the Smart Serve course in order to serve alcoholic beverages at your place of employment. Click below to ...

  • Sep23

    Employment Fraud:We're Hiring!

    Know the facts AND protect yourself! Employment Fraud Workshop, due to the many lives this issue has touched. You might have been swindled or know someone who has. Register today, and lets start ...

  • Sep24

    What now? Navigating the Career Highway

    Attention post-secondary grads! Attend this free workshop to find out more about what you need to be successful in finding and securing employment! We offer great strategies on self-marketing and ...

  • Sep24

    Stress Reduction

    Stress is part of our day to day lives. In our Stress Reduction workshop you will learn: -About the causes of stress -The toll stress takes on our health -Stress reduction techniques -How to ...

  • Sep29

    Bits & Bytes: Computer Basics

    Computer basics workshop intended for individuals looking to harness the power of technology for a modern day job search. If the thought of navigating a computer is intimidating, this workshop is for ...

  • Sep29

    Career Exploration

    An in-depth assessment with a career consultant in a group workshop setting. This assessment does have a $5. fee. This is a great experience to explore what career paths would be a great match for ...

  • Oct1

    Smart Serve

    Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program - this workshop is for anyone who will be working in areas where alcohol is sold and served under the Liquor Sales License or Special Occasion ...


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